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Senior Portraits from Steve Kozak
(We’re not talking school pictures here!)

Here it is – your Senior Year! I bet you thought it would never get here. Isn’t it great to be a Senior? Everyone watches you…how you dress…what you say…where you go. You see, as a Senior, you set the trends that others will follow – this year and for years to come.

You have been handed the traditions from others before you, and it is up to you to carry on those traditions, and to pass them down to those who will follow. That is why everyone looks to you.

You are a Senior…you have earned it!

This is why we schedule a free consultation! During this time, we listen to your ideas and goals for your session. We will offer our insight and suggestions to make the most of your session.

We want your Senior Portraits to highlight your personal achievement. They make a statement about who you are – your personality, your style, your look.

Your Senior Portraits are all about YOU!

You have earned the opportunity to have Senior Portraits by a professional photographer, and not ordinary “school” pictures!When it comes to Senior Portraits, we believe:

  • They should really say something meaningful about YOU!
  • They should reflect how you want to remember at this time in your life!
  • They should make a statement about who you are!
  • They should not be just like everyone else’s!
  • They should not be so expensive that you can’t share with friends & family!
  • You should have a say in how your pictures will look!

Don’t you agree? Then we’re sure you will find the rest of this web site to be very helpful in planning your session! We want to be your photographer, and we will do our best to make this the most fun you have ever had in a photo studio!