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EXPRESSION /n 1. “the act of bringing out meaning, feeling or beauty
2. to reveal something that is within”

Steve Kozak creates a unique work of art that goes beyond a mere visual representation of the subject.
It is more a study of the subject from within. Think of it as a portrait of the soul, designed to capture the essence of the subject.

An Expressions portrait is an intimate look into a wide range of human emotions.

It may be a study of hope, passion, longing, dreams or desires. Images are created to leave an impression on the viewer through an interpretive approach using such tools as lighting, design, composition and color to convey the overall tone of the image.

Clients who choose this style of photography range from those who wish to create an intimate image for someone special to those who simply need to make a statement about themselves. It can be an uplifting image to celebrate life, or it can be a deeply moving image that speaks what words cannot express.

What do you need to express?