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How to View Photographic Art
It seems difficult for some people to accept photography as an art. It sometimes seems even more difficult for an image which features a “real” person in the image. How can it be art and not a portrait if there is a “real” person in the image? If you view photographic art from a literal perspective, you are missing the point.


“Where Dancers Go to Dream”

For example, take the image at right, entitled, “Where Dancers go to Dream”.

People often browse my gallery and stop at this photograph. They begin to ask literal questions;”Who is that?”, “Why did she have this picture taken?”, “Did she ask for this pose?”These are questions asked by people who are looking for a “literal” interpretation – because it is a photograph.

If the image were a painting, the questions would change:”What is she feeling?”, “What is the artist trying to say?” The viewer asks questions trying to interpret the artist’s vision. Often times, the viewer will respond to an image based on their own life experiences. Someone may look at the image and say, “She looks sad”. Others will suggest she is “dreaming of the spotlight”. Still others see a very sensuous image. There is no reason a photograph should not be viewed with the same room for interpretation, as any painting. It is after all, a work of art.

I will often ask people to be photographed for some of my own projects. Again, I find that some of them have a hard time distinguishing “portraits” from “art”. They get too hung-up on “literal” issues, such as: “That dress is not me.” or “I like my child to smile in her pictures.” or “I wouldn’t normally be outside in only my bodysuit.”

These people have failed to realize that the photographs are not about them. The person is simply an element in the image that I am using to convey a mood, a feeling, a statement, or an idea.


Do you enjoy being in front of the camera?  Are you open to creating some awesome fine art photographs? Then I would love to hear from you! I am looking to update my fine art portfolio over the next several months and I would like to create some really outstanding images.

If you would like to be photographed for free, visit my Pinterest page and look over some of the styles I would like to capture.  Here is another Pinterest page to check out as well.  If you see something you like let me know your thoughts.

If we move forward with scheduling, for a limited time, I will provide a complimentary session and a $100 gift card that can be used toward photographs. I will use these images for promotional purposes and for image competition, so you will need to sign a release to allow me to use the images. Sound fun? Fill out this form. [form form-2]